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Local 777 is located at 1250 East Main Street in Meriden, Connecticut. Our Business Office hours at Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM until 4:30 PM.

You may contact us by telephone at (203) 317-4750 and our fax number is (203) 317-4759.

Below is a listing of our email addresses and extensions.

Business Manager    
Michael Rosario    mrosario@local777.com    Ext. 28 
Assistant Business Manager 
Peter Alfieri    palfieri@local777.com    Ext. 18
Business Agents

John Higgins Jr.
Anthony Camillucci
George Nowosielski
Ext. 17
Ext. 16 

Union Office
Andrea Berkmoes   aberkmoes@local777.com   Ext. 10
Dues and Finance Office 
Theresa Sharretto    tsharretto@local777.com    Ext. 20 
Local 777 Training School: (203) 686-0700 
Vinnie Valente   vvalente@local777.org    Ext. 101
Local 777 Groton Office: (860) 445-8170 

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